English K-1 Publication Party Held in NJ

Jan 20, 2015   Written By HWIS

Events In the Classroom

2015 NJ Publishing Party 2Our young authors in New Jersey had a great time showing off their books at the English K-1 publication party. The event was organized in order to celebrate students' first two published writing pieces. Parents were also invited to help recognize the students' achievement using the writing process. 
First, students wrote a personal narrative. Each story explored a small moment spread over multiple pages. Students used many details to describe the moment in both words and illustrations. The next piece was non-fiction procedural writing. For this piece, the students wrote step by step instructions to a recipe of their choice. 
2015 NJ Publishing Party 3    2015 NJ Publishing Party 1
2015 NJ Publishing Party 4    2015 NJ Publishing Party 5